Watch the video, when Sachin Tendulkar played gully cricket at midnight

Watch Sachin Tendulkar surprises fans with a game of gully cricket on Mumbai streets


A video which surfaced on social media, Tendulkar, wearing a white shirt and trouser, could be seen holding a cricket bat to face some deliveries bowled by local boys. Sachin could not resist and jumped on the opportunity to play some gully cricket. But you can not take the sport out of a sportsperson even after he/she retires as it was witnessed in a video on social media where the master blaster is playing gully cricket.

The video shared by Kambli with the caption "Master Blaster good to see you enjoying old times", has since gone viral with fans going insane and retweeting the video. In the video, Sachin gets down from a vehicle before coming up to a group of youngsters and bats on to a few deliveries.

He has entertained fans in some of the iconic cricketing venues like Lords, Wankhede, MCG etc to name the few.

In our cricket insane country, boys playing the sport at every nook and corner of a colony is a common sight. As for many officegoers who travel to BKC daily, my heart goes out to you for missing out on seeing Tendulkar play gully cricket live!

According to the NDTV, Sachin is now involved in the IPL 2018 with Mumbai Indians as the team icon. His presence in the team adds to confidence of the side led by captain Rohit Sharma and coached by Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka. It's too adorable to see a legend like him play such way like a commoner.

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