North Korea says it has suspended nuclear, long-range missle tests

North Korea says it has suspended nuclear, long-range missle tests

North Korea says it has suspended nuclear, long-range missle tests

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the regime no longer needs nuclear tests or intercontinental ballistic missile tests, state-run KCNA reported Saturday.

Trump has said his summit with Kim, with whom he traded bitter insults and threats past year as North Korea conducted nuclear and missile tests, could take place by early June, although the venue has yet to be decided.

"Look forward to our Summit", the U.S. leader tweeted following the announcement reported by the North's state media.

North Korea says it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests and plans to close its nuclear test site. Trump tweeted, "This is very good news for North Korea and the World" and "big progress!"

The agenda of next week's summit is still unknown, but will nearly certainly include processes leading to North Korean denuclearization and a peace treaty to end the Korean War.

President Trump welcomed the North's announcement, calling it "big progress".

The test drew swift worldwide condemnation.

While exuding confidence about North Korea on Wednesday, Trump also raised the possibility that the yet-to-be scheduled summit might be called off because of a lack of agreement over an agenda - or that it might not be successful.

The ruling party's plenary meeting on Friday was convened to discuss "policy issues of a new stage" to meet the demands of the current "important historic period", the KCNA said. When North Korea has previously talked about "hostility" it has been linked to the USA troops in South Korea, so Kim's intentions remain unclear.

Last week the US' CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, met with Kim Jong-un.

Last year, North Korea carried out its sixth nuclear test, by far its most powerful to date, and launched missiles capable of reaching the US. Trump and Kim then engaged in a war of words for months.

"We will never use nuclear weapons unless there is nuclear threat or nuclear provocation to our country, and in any case we will not transfer nuclear weapons and nuclear technology", Kim said.

Onodera said the "iron clad U.S. -Japan alliance" must work with the worldwide community to make North Korea abandon all weapons of mass destruction "in a complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner". Their meeting is expected to be followed by the first-ever US-North Korea summit in May or early June.

The North rather expressed confidence about its nuclear force, which leader Kim Jong Un declared as complete in November after a slew of weapons tests that included the underground detonation of a purported thermonuclear warhead and flight tests of three intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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