Trump lawyer reportedly apologized to Melania Trump for Stormy Daniels payment

Trump lawyer reportedly apologized to Melania Trump for Stormy Daniels payment

Trump lawyer reportedly apologized to Melania Trump for Stormy Daniels payment

Besides declaring that "attorney-client privilege is dead!" and a "whole new level of unfairness" has been reached in an "attack on our country", Trump is trying to minimize his ties to Cohen, calling him just "one of many lawyers (too many!)" that serve his legal needs. "It's measured in years". "You'll have to ask Michael".

In a freaky CNN hit, former Trump attorney Jay Goldberg told Erin Burnett that he didn't think Cohen would stay loyal to Trump and do time on the president's behalf because he'd be vulnerable to prison rape.

The Times reported that a month prior to the 2016 presidential election, Cohen approached Trump outside of his Trump Tower office with photos of Clinton and Danney Williams, who claimed to be the former president's illegitimate son.

Late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert both appeared confident Thursday night that Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, will "flip" on the president. Stone. Mr. Nunberg said that Mr. Cohen "should maximize" that leverage. The White House has said Trump denies the affair. "However, the president has also taken Michael for granted".

"I very much look forward to placing Trump on the stand", Avenatti added.

CNN's Brenna Williams compiled a whopping 42 headlines from Monday through Friday, making this one of the more news-packed weeks of the Trump administration to date - and the President wasn't even in Washington!

That was the climactic scene from the movie Michael Clayton, where George Clooney plays the title character, a fixer for a Monsanto-like corporation that decided it would be most expedient to make the fixer (and the secrets he held) go away with a auto bomb. And Cohen, for his part, works nearly exclusively for Trump, although he does on occasion do side jobs for folks like Sean Hannity.

Translation: He's pretty sure Cohen will eventually see the light.

"I think his abusive behavior to Michael is animated by his feeling that Michael is inadequate", he said. He even initially sought to pay some of the costs for the site with money raised for his own abortive run for New York State Senate. It's unclear whether the first lady accepted was receptive of that apology or, like so many other displays of devotion Cohen has reportedly showered on the family, ignored it.

In Colbert's "Late Show" monologue, the CBS host cited a Politico article reporting Trump and his advisers are getting anxious Cohan may end up cooperating with federal prosecutors after his offices were raided by the FBI.

For years, Mr. Cohen has described himself as unflinchingly devoted to Mr. Trump, whom he has admired since high school. He has tweeted about Mr. Trump almost 3,000 times. But unfortunately for him, Trump has a tendency to attract sycophants who insist on carrying his water long after he's publicly humiliated and tossed them aside.

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