Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now

Apple Self Driving Lexus

Credit The Quint

Apple is said to employ 83 drivers for its fleet, far less than the 407 of GM or even the 338 Waymo drivers with approved permits.

The tight-lipped tech giant has rapidly built up its self-driving auto program, known as Project Titan, since gaining a testing permit in April of past year. However, in the meantime it continues to grow its fleet of self-driving test cars - which are now the second largest in the state of California.

Like other tech giants, Apple is keen to get into the auto space, with Tim Cook past year saying that autonomous systems are "a core technology" that the company views as "very important".

Last April, Apple first received a permit to test autonomous vehicles in the state starting with only three Lexus Rx450h SUVs. Apple lags only behind GM Cruise, which has 104 test vehicles on the road. As per the DMV, approximately 51 companies have registered 409 autonomous test vehicles in the state. That puts it four cars ahead of the latest figures we have for Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving vehicle division thought to be among the leaders in the sector. MacReports first reported some of the new details of Apple's fleet.

Nonetheless, it underlines how seriously Apple is taking this technology. Apple CEO Tim Cook has called self-driving "a core technology that we view as very important". Its self-driving program is still a mystery; however, it collects data for self-driving software.

He added, "We sort of see autonomous cars as the mother of all AI projects It's probably one of the most hard AI projects actually to work on. It's probably one of the most hard AI projects actually to work on". Waymo applied for that permit.

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