Colorado rangers hunt bear that tried to drag away child

St Mary's Medical Center surgeon Charles Breaux center talks on Monday sharing that Kimberly Cyr five is in good condition and received 77 stitches on her back side

Colorado rangers hunt bear that tried to drag away child

A 5-year-old Colorado girl is expected to survive after being attacked by a bear.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, in a statement on its website, told residents to secure their trash, keep pet food inside, and tell officials about any bear sightings in residential areas.

The mother told wildlife officers the girl went outside after hearing noises she thought could have been made by a dog.

When the mom went out to investigate, she found a large black bear dragging her daughter around.

"She yelled at the animal, she screamed at it". "I think she's more shocked because of it".

Doctors expect the girl to "mend very well", though doctors will monitor her to make sure she does not develop any infections or rabies, hospital spokeswoman Teri Cavanagh said Monday.

Pediatric surgeon Charles Breaux Jr. told reporters Sunday that the bear bit the unidentified girl on her back side but she suffered no fractures or injuries to her brain or other organs.

An autopsy has been conducted on the 127-pound two-year-old male bear that attacked Kimberly Cyr outside of her East Orchard Mesa home early Sunday morning

Based on the description of the bear and its behavior, wildlife officers said they are confident the dead bear is the same bear involved in the attack on the girl.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported earlier in 2018 that Colorado wildlife officials feared another deadly attack because of a lack of food for black bears.

Low food quantities force bears to head into neighborhoods and cars to look for garbage to eat.

While bear attacks on humans are rare, Porras said there is growing concern.

Another bear was spotted about a half-mile from the girl's home a week ago, Romatzke said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says officers are tracking the bear with the help of federal wildlife officers.

The area is nestled between the Gunnison and Colorado rivers, which provide corridors for migrating wildlife.

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