Just Cause Developers Avalanche Are Helping Make Rage 2

Just Cause Developers Avalanche Are Helping Make Rage 2

Just Cause Developers Avalanche Are Helping Make Rage 2

Bethesda also will reveal a gameplay trailer tomorrow for the game (unless it leaks early).

Until then, it's good to know that someone, somewhere is working on a new Rage game considering that the first title was a very exciting project that never really lived up to its full potential.

There are two places for you to check out the Rage 2 gameplay trailer when it hits.

The only trailer we've seen so far is the announcement trailer, viewable at the top of the page.

After the success of Rage a sequel was planned but was cancelled in 2012 as id chose instead to focus on DOOM.

How do you think RAGE 2 looks? That was just another tease though, for today when we get our first look at actual gameplay thanks to the official RAGE 2 gameplay trailer, which you can check out below. "RAGE 2 brings together a true open world FPS experience where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything".

The clock hands were pointing at 5:14 and the face of the clock had a blob of pink paint on it.

In keeping with the past mockery following the Walmart leak, the official Rage 2 Twitter account also released a new image tweeted out poking fun at the discovery.

A shortened version of the teaser trailer appeared as a pre-roll advert on YouTube.

Though Rage 2 has suffered an uncommon number of leaks in the past few weeks, surprisingly, gameplay isn't one of them. Judging by platform support from the first Rage game back in 2011, we predict that Rage 2 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Sorry Switch fans, maybe it's coming in the future, since Bethesda have got right behind Nintendo's console since launch.

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