Kia 48V Mild-Hybrid Diesel powertrain rolling out THIS year

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Kia 48V Mild-Hybrid Diesel powertrain rolling out THIS year

In "motor", the powertrain reduces engine load and emissions, and in "generator", it harvests kinetic energy during in-gear deceleration and braking, using it to recharge the batteries.

Kia hasn't released any specs yet, but says that the 48V battery will be located beneath the boot floor, at least in the case of the Sportage. It can even deliver a "Moving Stop-Start" if there's enough charge in the battery. It means the engine can switch off earlier and for longer, even while the auto is moving, and lean on a 13bhp power boost from the motor while accelerating, both of which reduce fuel consumption. The MHSG can then seamlessly re-ignite the engine-in any situation-if the driver presses the throttle pedal.

The MHSG is mounted in the engine bay and connected to the crankshaft by a belt.

Following the launch of the Sportage mild-hybrid model the forthcoming third-generation Kia Ceed will also be offered with the technology. When decelerating, and inverter switches the current of the motor, effectively turning it into a generator to top up the 0.46kWh battery. And because the 48V battery connects to the car's on-board power supply it means a smaller 12v battery and starter motor.

According to its creators the mild-hybrid technology offers advantages over full hybrid units, particularly in the performance generated for the cost. Kia plans to launch 16 advanced powertrain vehicles by 2025, including five new hybrids, five plug-in hybrids, five battery-electric vehicles and-in 2020-a new fuel-cell electric vehicle.

EcoDynamics+ can be used in petrol and diesel cars with front, rear or four-wheel drive, so it could appear in any future Kia model.

Expect to hear more details soon on the Sportage's use of the EcoDynamics+ powertrain, as well as United Kingdom pricing and specifications.

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