Trump welcomes home 3 U.S. detainees freed by North Korea

Trump welcomes Americans home

President Trump Welcomes Americans Home from North Korea Saul Loeb AFP Getty by Joel B. Pollak9 May 20180 9 May 2018 10 May 2018

The two leaders will jointly prepare for the U.S.

The main issue under discussion at the Trump-Kim summit will be North Korea's nuclear weapons, which the U.S. is demanding Pyongyang give up.

"I think that we have a shared vision for what we hope".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brought the prisoners home after his second meeting with Kim.

He and first lady Melania arrived at Andrews airbase, near Washington, to greet the former prisoners as their medical plane touched down in the early hours.

At the cabinet meeting, Trump said the exact location will be announced "within three days". Warmbier's death escalated U.S.

"This is a special night for these three really great people", Trump told reporters. He said past efforts to denuclearize North Korea had failed because of hasty rewards and the same mistakes should not be repeated.

They appeared exhausted but in excellent spirits, flashing peace signs and waving their arms as they emerged from the aircraft. They were joined by a translator who said it felt "like a dream" to be home and that the men were "very, very happy" to be freed.

A campaign rally in Indiana Thursday gave the president a chance to celebrate. The White House said earlier they would be evaluated and receive medical treatment at the Washington-area facility before being reunited with their families. The aircraft is parked before a large American flag suspended between two fire trucks. "That was a big problem, and I think it's going to work out well".

Trump told one confidant that he now believes a deal with North Korea, rather than in the Middle East, could be his historic victory. The trio, along with medical personnel, including a psychiatrist, were cloistered in the middle of Pompeo's plane in a small section of 12 business class-size seats that was cordoned off by curtains on both ends. State Department official Brian Hook was with him and among the first Americans to see the three men. The fate of the three had been among a number of delicate issues in the run-up to the summit aimed at defusing a crisis over North Korea's development of nuclear missiles capable of reaching the United States. Asked about the chatter in the Oval Office this week, Trump said: "I want to get peace".

Family members of prisoner Tony Kim saying they "thank God" for his safe return. "Keep America Great", he said in IN to thunderous applause'.

"We hope this meeting will advance prospects for peace in the Korean Peninsula", the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement late Thursday.

Pompeo said he had "good" talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, BBC reports.

"Now that North Korea has accepted in principle that agreements should be verified, USA negotiators should hold them to this standard for any subsequent agreement", said Adam Mount, a senior defense analyst at the Federation of American Scientists.

Americans held in North Korean prisons have endured hard labor, some were kept at times in total darkness under conditions so bleak that one prisoner tried to kill himself, and succeeded in doing so after his release. Their arrests were widely seen as politically motivated and had compounded the dire state of relations over the isolated nation's nuclear weapons.

Some observers are concerned that South Korea's desire to build peaceful ties with the North may distance it over time from the U.S. policy of seeking nuclear disarmament at any cost. In June 2008, global broadcasters were allowed to air the demolishing of a cooling tower at the Nyongbyon reactor site, a year after the North reached an agreement with the US and four other nations to disable its nuclear facilities in return for an aid package worth about $400 million.

During his surprise visit to North Korea this week, Pyongyang released three U.S. detainees.

The last American to be released before this, college student Otto Warmbier, died in June 2017, days after he was repatriated to the us with severe brain damage.

"You hit singles, you hit doubles; every once in a while we may be able to hit a home run", President Barack Obama said of his own foreign policy. They were separately detained in 2017, and accused of participating in anti-state activities and trying to overthrow the government. Destination: Pyongyang, capital of the most reclusive nation on Earth.

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