Buhari set to inaugurate EFCC's new office

Buhari set to inaugurate EFCC's new office

Buhari set to inaugurate EFCC's new office

In spite of that, my objective of fighting corruption remains steadfast.

"War on corruption is not an easy one to fight, because it affects so many different branches of our lives, so much that some people do not even consider breaking trust is a crime anymore".

"It has become the norm".

Buhari said Nigerians must change their ways of handling public trust, saying that "corruption not only kills governments but destroys societies".

The former leader said although some of his ministers were being accused of corruption, the regime made sure that it did not happen.

Buhari also called on the Legislature, which provides the legal framework for the anti-corruption war "to add more verve to government's determination to rid our nation of the brazen corruption witnessed in recent years, through reviewing archaic provisions in our laws and proactive passage of new legislation".

He said: "I am happy to say that it is with the support of the National Assembly that the funds were put together to complete this edifice".

In his address of welcome, Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Mr Ibrahim Magu, said Nigeria was lucky to have the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari which he said is committed to the anti-graft war. When I first came here this building was a mere skeleton, I had said with the commitment of the President to fight corruption, anyone who had gone to the former Head Office of the E.F.C.C as if you're a foreigner visiting Nigeria for the very first time, the impression you'd leave with is that the fight is a joke, sort of.

Magu flaunts Buhari’s re-election lapel pin
Magu flaunts Buhari’s re-election lapel pin

As if the President's renewed sermon on anti-corruption is to prepare the road to 2019, the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has dismissed threats by members of the New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) to exit the APC.

He refuted allegations the administration is orchestrating a witch-hunt, stressing: "We are determined within the laws to call people to account".

He urged the EFCC leadership and heads of other anti-corruption agencies attending the meeting to help repatriate the money for Nigeria.

Buhari noted that quite a number of nations were signifying interest in helping Nigeria tighten their laws and enter into agreements with the country to repatriate stolen funds and make the culprits face due process of law.

We have recovered and are still recovering trillions of naira that were stolen in the past few years by people without conscience. There are millions of Nigerians who have not bent their knees to the god of corruption, that fact I must emphasize.

The speaker while commending the President and EFCC for the new headquarters, called for further training of staff and improvement in their welfare packages so as to shield them from "temptations".

The Commonwealth scribe, who stated this at the ongoing 8th Commonwealth Conference of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa, with the theme, "Partnering Towards Assets Recovery and Return" also noted that this recovery surpassed the recoveries made in the past 10 years.

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