Complaint over Narendra Modi's 'language' during Karnataka election rally

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party MP Shatrughan Sinha

"It's not at all becoming of the PM of 130 crore countrymen to make mocking definitions of another national political party in any election".

This apart, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's intense campaigning - 21 rallies covering most of the districts - tilted the balance in favour of BJP and the Congress, which was depending heavily on one leader - Siddaramaiah - was not able to match that blitzkrieg.

Sinha, in a tweet, also said, "Anybody can become PM in our country ... naamdar, kaamdar, daamdar or for that matter any average samajhdaar, if he has the numbers and support".

While interacting with eminent personalities of Bengaluru on Tuesday, Rahul said he was ready to be PM in 2019 if the Congress or a coalition led by the party wins next year's Lok Sabha elections.

As the Karnataka verdict seals the fate of Congress in their last major bastion, the BJP's war cry of "Congress Mukt Bharat" becomes louder. "You (Gandhi) are naamdar', while I am kaamdar' (ordinary worker)", he had said earlier.

The BJP MP appreciating Rahul Gandhi for his pertinent questions said: "By the way, the president of the oldest party has really matured in last few years & has been raising some pertinent question which we are refusing to answer or even entertain".

P.C. Mohan, the sitting BJP MP from Bangalore Central, said people all over the country recognize Modi with the BJP running state governments in 22 states, whereas Gandhi would have to go places where he was recognized. "However Sir, it's a matter of our people, our politics and our latest policies "so less said the better".With regards to you!Jai Karnataka, Jai Hind", he said.

As the BJP heads to form a government in Karnataka, reports say the Congress has made an "offer" to the Janata Dal (Secular) and that they have accepted it.

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