Meghan Markle's Sister Called A 'Media Vulture' By Piers Morgan

Thomas Markle being

Thomas Markle being"fitted for a suit Credit Coleman-Rayner

"You've been trashing her for two years you little vulture".

With the countdown to the royal wedding looming, and all the "will he, won't he" for Meghan Markle's father in terms of walking his youngest daughter down the aisle, his other daughter, Samantha Markle, might have thought better of going on television with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

Samantha has made something of a cottage industry out of talking about her estranged sibling who, she admits, she hasn't seen since 2010 and has had one conversation with since then.

Samantha Grant revealed to the Daily Star Online yesterday how she had organised paparazzi pictures of dad Thomas Markle as he was "being beaten up in the press".

Samantha argued back that "I think lot of what you're reading is from tabloids, which are wholly inaccurate".

If he had been paid, she insisted, it would have been a "pittance". She took full responsibility for setting up her father Thomas' fake photo shoot. You said Hollywood's changed her and she shouldn't be with Prince Harry and the Royal Family should be aware of how appalling she is. "Because the media were so unfairly portraying him in a negative light".

"There's no bigger media vulture than you, is there, Ms. Markle?" he asked.

"How do you have the gall to come on here and talk about media vultures". Piers reminded Samantha about her and her father's past actions and derogatory statements against her half-sister.

Samantha appeared on the show to defend herself and Markle's father Thomas, against claims he was trying to profit off the wedding by staging paparazzi photos for large sums of money only days out from the Royal wedding. "I think a person has a right to say 'Enough is enough, '" she said.

"There have been examples in history about how risky that can be", she said, in a barely veiled reference to the death of Prince Harry's mother Diana.

"The priority should be whether it is safe for him to do that".

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