Muslim Americans Mark Start of Ramadan

William Saleh holds a copy of the Quran

William Saleh holds a copy of the Quran

Thursday is the first day of fasting.

Millions of Muslims have begun the fasting month of Ramadan on Wednesday.

The Ramadan Moon Sighting Committees in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) followed with a similar statement declaring that the first day of Ramadan 2018 will be Thursday May 17, 2018.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar during which "Muslims abstain from food, drink, and other sensual pleasures from before dawn until sunset", according to a press release from the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Things like taking small breaks from revision or work and going on small walks, writing daily to-do lists or listing what you're finding hard and working on combatting these, and planning meals to make sure you're eating the rights things to get good energy levels can all have a bit impact.

This year the holy month of Ramadan will commence on May 16, Wednesday evening and will end on June 14, Thursday with Eid.

But how many hours of daytime fasting does it involve, taking up how many days?

He said, "Ramadan becomes a very helpful opportunity to bring people together, those who come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and linguistic backgrounds".

During this time of spiritual reflection, things that may not equate to a proper Islamic faith are often purged.

The Grand Mufti said Ramadan will start on Thursday, as the crescent moon by which the start of the Islamic holy month is measured, was not observed on Tuesday.

One of the best forms of preparation for Ramadan is to clean ourselves inwardly and outwardly because it is not all those who fast that will get their reward in full. There are exceptions to fasting for children, the elderly, the sick, women who are pregnant, nursing or menstruating, and people travelling.

Those celebrations can also mean rich feasts - called iftar - to break the fast.

Adam Soltani, executive director of CAIR Oklahoma, has seen Ramadan through both the Muslim and Christian perspective. It is the most holy month in the calendar for Muslims as it is believed the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed during Ramadan.

Here's everything you need to know about Ramadan, when does Ramadan end and what is Eid al-Fitr?

"Being a minority religion is always challenging, and it's rewarding at the same time", Enchassi said.

Taraweeh is the special prayer held post Isha'a namaz on every night of Ramadan, when the entire Quran is narrated in divided portions over the next 27 days.

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