Overwatch will be free to play for a weekend

This is the tale of Captain James Fawkes

This is the tale of Captain James Fawkes

The latest Overwatch developer update with Jef Kaplan has been released ahead of the second anniversary event. And beyond new anniversary skins, players can look forward to a whole new free-for-all Deathmatch map called Petra. "There are some really fun gameplay elements to it, as well". "For example, there is a mega-healthpack in the very center of the map in an area that becomes increasingly unsafe as the match goes on".

The new edition comes at a flawless time for new players considering picking up the game.

Kaplan also added that the map will be a fine fit for different types of heroes as well be them long-range ones or those that prefer to be up close in the fights. The season will unfold on Petra and Chateau.

A free-to-play weekend for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is also scheduled for May 25th-28th, which will give new players the opportunity to try out the full game, except for Competitive play, before taking the plunge. Considering everything that will be on the table during the team-based shooter's Anniversary event, it definitely seems like a good time to be an Overwatch fan. With these loot boxes, players can get items that were left behind in the Summer Games and other Overwatch events. Additionally, the event will bring back all seasonal cosmetic items, as well as some past seasonal brawls. Players logging during the event will receive a bonus Legendary loot box, guaranteeing one Legendary item. As far as more new content goes, players can check out a new batch of Anniversary skins, including eight new Legendary skins.

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