Reds set to be involved in new Club World Cup format

Reds set to be involved in new Club World Cup format

Reds set to be involved in new Club World Cup format

Many of those participating have already expressed hostility to the plan.

The new 24 team format would include 12 clubs from Europe, and those who have won three European Cup's will be the first to be invited.

Of course, the clubs would not have to take part should they not wish to do so, but with a guaranteed £50m for competing and a potential £100m for winning the tournament, clubs are unlikely to turn down the offer.

Uefa is reported to be unhappy with the proposal, its chief concern being that Fifa's new Club World Cup could have a detrimental impact on its hugely lucrative Champions League.

Already some clubs have voiced their support.

Barcelona's board of directors says the expanded tournament would be "exciting, dynamic, inclusive and prestigious".

Ziegler reports that Infantino, who has already pushed through an expansion of the Fifa World Cup to 48 teams from 2026, is keen to secure an agreement on the Club World Cup before this summer's World Cup kicks off in Russian Federation on 14th June.

A Federation Internationale de Football Association briefing document on the project said clubs would share prize money totalling 75 per cent of at least USD3 billion revenue from each Club World Cup edition which would be guaranteed by a consortium of investors.

Europe's top domestic competitions, including the English Premier League and Spain's La Liga, have also opposed FIFA's plans.

"To be presented with FIFA's "solution" as a fait accompli and claim this to be consultation defies all definitions of best practice and good governance", Scudamore told The Times in London.

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