Rhetoric over United States exit from Iran deal rises amid threat of sanctions

Venezuela's economic crisis hits oil industry

Venezuela's economic crisis hits oil industry

"He introduced a new element, the element of leverage to a stale, non-productive reality that only encouraged the Iranians to continue their incredibly risky behaviour, particularly in Syria, by threatening Israel by surrounding it with missiles and expecting us to sit there and just wait until something happens". As long as Iran abides by its side of the JCPOA, the European Union might not re-impose its sanctions on shipping insurance which were crucial in disrupting Iran's oil exports last time.

But Mr Trump, who slammed the deal as "decaying and rotten", argued that the agreement did not include Iran's ballistic missile programme, its nuclear activities beyond 2025 - when the provisions of the deal expire - and its regional interference.

Bolton did not rule out sanctions on European countries that do business with Iran. He is expected to unveil his decision by May 12.

The White House backed Israel's claims, accusing Iran of "reckless actions" that posed a "severe threat" to stability in the Middle East.

"Is the United States going to sanction European companies that do business with Iran?".

Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal and revive USA economic sanctions has alarmed the leaders of Britain, France and Germany who remain committed to the deal and who have significant trade ties with Teheran.

Iran has said it had asked Europe's Airbus to announce whether it would go ahead with a plane deal with Tehran following the USA pull-out.

True, the deal had flaws, including sunset clauses that permit Iran to restart the program - under continued inspection - after 10 to 15 years. She says that's because "the IAEA is the only impartial, global organization that is in charge of monitoring Iran's nuclear commitments".

Iranian hardliners - who have long opposed President Hassan Rouhani's moves to improve ties with the West - are already mobilizing against the efforts to save the nuclear deal.

Zarif will be discussing the agreement with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported on Monday. "He makes the decisions, and the advice I give him is between us".

Iran, which pumps about 4 percent of the world´s oil, exports about 450,000 barrels per day (bpd) to Europe and around 1.8 million bpd to Asia. That is to say, South Korea imports crude oil and exports petroleum goods.

It is unclear how well the measure could be enforced, given that big multinationals are likely to be doing more business in the US than they are in Iran and may be unwilling to compromise that market access. But he says if the US does pull out, he still may negotiate a "real agreement". According to the law, foreign economic institutions conducting transactions with the central bank in Iran are prohibited from doing business with USA -based financial institutions.

Chagai Tzuriel, director general of Israel's Ministry of Intelligence, told The Canadian Press that he was seeking support from Canada and Western countries for either cancelling or strengthening a deal that his government views as flawed and ultimately ineffective in stopping Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

In 2015, he wrote an opinion piece published in The New York Times calling for air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities.

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