Tesla breaks EV towing record


Tesla breaks EV towing record

Tesla also set a new Guinness World Record for the heaviest tow (130 tonnes) by an electric production vehicle. According to Qantas, this was the first occasion that a production electric vehicle has ever towed a passenger aircraft.

Monday was an exciting day for electric vehicles everywhere. Qantas offers Tesla wall chargers at four airports in Austrailia to offer Tesla Model S and Model X owners a charging point while they are travelling. The Model X P100D managed to pull the giant aircraft nearly 300m.

The event happened recently at Melbourne Airport and the incredible feat was beautifully captured by Qantas.

Now, Qantas did the stunt to promote their collaboration with Tesla and their rewards for Tesla owners, but it can't be denied that the Model X is a very capable auto and kudos to Tesla here because it's made something that stands apart from the crowd. A fully charged Model X can go up to 465 km on a single charge.

Talking about the Tesla Model X P100D's mechanical strength, the EV uses an electric motor with the maximum output of 1,072Nm of torque.

As you can probably imagine, the airplane weighs much more than the Model X and exceeds its towing capacity by quite a margin.

Cars towing airplanes isn't really out-of-the-box thinking.

Qantas and Tesla are working together to bring clean transportation to the masses and sustain it for the future. It exceeds the tow rating of the Model X by about 48 times - not that that stopped the Tesla.

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