Wagner Takes GOP Nomination for Governor

GOP gubernatorial candidates Paul Mango  and Scott Wagner

GOP gubernatorial candidates Paul Mango and Scott Wagner

Scott Wagner and Paul Mango spent much of their primary campaigns slamming each other in TV and radio spots, while Laura Ellsworth just tried to gain traction in debates. "He's more like the PR director of our state", Wagner added.

State Sen. Scott Wagner will officially challenge Governor Tom Wolf in the general election after defeating two challengers in a hotly contested primary.

Wagner told Breitbart News Daily in February that his campaign for Pennsylvania "is going to be about leadership and solving everyone's problems in Pennsylvania".

Mango, a former health care systems consultant, fell short despite seizing the mantle of conservatism and spending $7 million of his own on the campaign. "When they see us, they're coming over to us", said Ellsworth.

In February, the Pennsylvania Republican Party endorsed York County State Sen.

"I want to thank the voters of Pennsylvania for nominating Jeff and I tonight to be the next lieutenant governor and governor", said Wagner. Polls have Wagner well behind Wolf, though he'll have 6 months to try to change that. He singles out public-sector labor unions as a particular target of his vitriol and has inspired comparisons to President Donald Trump.

Where do the GOP candidates stand on the issues?

Wolf leads a unified Democratic Party into the fall.

The primary also features a weirdly-competitive democratic primary for lieutenant governor, with a truly colorful cast of characters involved.

He set the stage for what appears likely to be a costly and heated campaign in his victory speech by taking shots at Wolf, portraying him as not focusing enough attention on veterans, being beholden to special interests, and finding ways for government to take more of people's paychecks. This is the first time in Pennsylvania's history that a sitting Lt. Governor has lost reelection.

In the Republican U.S. Senate primary, U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta easily beat his Republican rival. Stack faced an uphill battle for re-election following a scandal-plagued first term and occasionally butted heads with Wolf.

Wolf past year ordered an investigation into the treatment of state employees by Stack and his wife and stripped Stack of state police protection.

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