Angry passenger breaks through barriers, storms Jetstar plane in Melbourne

The man pulls at the door of the Jetstar plane. Image 9 news

The man pulls at the door of the Jetstar plane. Image 9 news

The video footage showed the man bashing and pulling frantically on the plane's door, trying to get inside.

The man is believed to have become irate after missing his flight hours earlier.

A man was arrested at the airport on May 17, 2018 after storming the tarmac in an attempt to board the plane.

Witness Susannah Leigh Murray told 9News that she was waiting to get on the flight when she saw the drama unfold.

Engineers checked over the plane and gave it the all clear and passengers eventually boarded the flight and departed later that day.

In October past year, police used stun guns to detain a man who attempted to storm a flight during a security breach at Melbourne Airport.

Baggage handlers and cabin crew were praised for their swift intervention to subdue the man, who barrelled his way past airline employees and made a break for the nearest gate, even though he had been told he was hours late. "This man was attempting to rise up the steps, he was bodily preventing with the employees, punching and scratching them".

Jetstar confirmed the passenger assaulted its crew and breached security access to the tarmac before staff restrained him about 9.30am.

More charges may be laid against the man, who is also reported to have enjoyed a cigarette inside the airport before charging the aircraft.

"This behavior is unacceptable and we have placed an immediate ban on this passenger traveling on all Jetstar and Qantas flights".

The incredible scene occurred at Melbourne airport on Thursday morning, when Australia Federal Police were called in response to an incident on Terminal 4. It's understood only airline staff were aboard when the man climbed the stairs.

Ironically, the incident comes just two days after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull andHome Affairs Minister Peter Dutton used Melbourne Airport as a platform for discussing tougher security measures announced in the recent federal budget.

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