'Deadly Class' Trailer: The Russo Brothers' Stylish New Syfy Series

'Deadly Class' Trailer: The Russo Brothers' Stylish New Syfy Series

'Deadly Class' Trailer: The Russo Brothers' Stylish New Syfy Series

Things take a turn the closer they get to their final destination, and a series of terrifying and violent events could be their undoing. A first look at the Russo brothers' upcoming series Deadly Class, based on the bestselling graphic novel, was also released.

Check out the first first look feature for Deadly Class below! "It does an unbelievable job of exploring the teenage years and the sense of the alienation you feel".

The premise of Deadly Class revolves around King's Dominion, a secret school that trains would-be assassins in the "deadly arts". Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott adapted the project for the small screen and will executive produce alongside Joe Russo, Anthony Russo (Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War) and Mike Larocca (Spy). He is your go-to fella for creator interviews, conversations about comic book structure, and general DC Comics nerding. While I haven't read through the most recent issue, I did really enjoy the first volume of it. Deadly Class will be a nice addition to their lineup.

At this time, Deadly Class does not have a specific release date, but will come to Syfy sometime in 2019. "The threats are real", he says in the clip. Also, the writer of the Deadly Class comic Rick Remender discusses why fans of the comic should be excited. "Our producing partners expertly combined high school angst, "80s nostalgia and comic flair into a beautifully realized, visually arresting pilot that truly brings Rick and Wes" acclaimed comic series to life".

Here's what to expect from Deadly Class: "Set in a dark, comic book world against the backdrop of late '80s counterculture, Deadly Class follows a homeless teen recruited into a storied elite private school where the world's top crime families send their next generations".

The series stars Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange), Benjamin Wadsworth (Teen Wolf), Lana Condor (X-Men: Apocalypse), Maria Gabriela de Faria (Sitiados), Luke Tennie (Shock and Awe), Liam James (The Killing), and Michel Duval (Queen of the South).

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