Hamilton dominates Barcelona for record-breaking win from pole (includes quotes)

Hamilton dominates Barcelona for record-breaking win from pole (includes quotes)

Hamilton dominates Barcelona for record-breaking win from pole (includes quotes)

No one could touch Mercedes on Sunday and despite a patchy start to the season Hamilton leads the standings by 17 points, while the Silver Arrows are back atop the Constructors standings, their natural position since 2014. There are arguments for both sides, of course, but in principle we would all like to see more overtaking. This allowed Ericsson to drive for much longer without a pit stop.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was a track where Mercedes was expected to run well, but the next race is in Monaco, where the team has struggled in recent years. But, repeating their Spanish performance in Monaco will be easier said than done for Mercedes and it may yet be too early to hail this as a turning point in their campaign. The closest Vettel came to matching Hamilton's pace in his first stint was on laps 12, 13 and 16, when Vettel's times were around 0.4s down, still a huge deficit. Yet Hamilton's win came with a degree of caution.

Behind Vettel and Bottas, Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was keeping the error-prone Verstappen at bay, with the Dutchman beyond the DRS range of the Finn.

Stoffel Vandoorne got behind the wheel of the MCL33 for a full day of running, building on the tests conducted of the new parts brought to the track during the Spanish Grand Prix weekend.

"It was a poor weekend for us, we were not quick enough".

Sebastian Vettel, the four-times world champion, has been particularly scathing of the changes, which are created to increase overtaking opportunities, describing them as "comical" and "like cruising to America and changing direction 100 times". He was alone out front after making some smart calls with the little excitement the virtual safety auto was able to provide. In China and Baku, the Mercedes drivers seemed to be struggling to "wake up" the tyres as well as the Ferrari drivers for the one-lap performance they needed in qualifying. A small mistake after the lap 1 safety auto compromised the early phase of the grand prix, but even with an offset strategy Red Bull couldn't unlock the true potential of the vehicle to challenge Mercedes, which is a disappointment considering Ricciardo recorded the fastest lap of the grand prix - proving that the RB14 does have intrinsic race pace. But the Frenchman's stock in F1 has never been lower after he sparked a massive three-way crash on the opening lap on Sunday. He has zero points in 2018. Grosjean can forget Ferrari.

F1 bosses held talks with Silverstone over staging the sport's 1,000th championship race there next year. The start of the race would set the tone for the whole grand prix. "So we need to keep working hard and believe in our ability to improve things". This shows that Pirelli still needs to make progress in terms of choosing the tyres for the weekends, and I would like to see them have a two-step difference in compounds (so, for example: ultras, soft, mediums).

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