Instagram will tell you when you're spending too much time on Instagram

Instagram to warn users if they spend too much time on the app

Addicted to Instagram? An upcoming feature will show you how bad it is

Well now, this Facebook-owned company has started testing a new feature that will tell you how much time you spend in the app.

It was reported yesterday that there's an unannounced "Usage Insights" feature in Instagram's Android app which will enable users to keep track of the time that they spend on the social network. According to Wong, this "Usage Insights" option shows up when you tap on the hamburger menu (those three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of the screen.

Code buried in Instagram's Android app revealed that a "Usage Insights" feature was built into the code that will allow people to see their "time spent" on the app. First spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, who recently discovered an encrypted DM feature in Twitter, the forthcoming feature is Instagram's response to rising concerns over phone addiction.

Application makers usually encourage users to spend more time engaging with their app, but Kevin Systrom, Instragram's chief executive, said in a Tweet that Instagram should help ensure that any time spent using the app should be "positive and intentional".

We don't want to know FFS.

. "I take that responsibility seriously", he said.

It seems Instagram is ready to embrace the impact of the reduction in usage as soon as such a tool goes live for users.

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