Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder reunite in 'Destination Wedding'

Winona Ryder & Keanu Reeves Reunite in 'Destination Wedding' Trailer

YouTube These 90s icons are teaming up again in a romantic comedy. By Rose Dommu Wed

Aside from Dracula, the pair has also been featured on screen together in 2006's A Scanner Darkly and 2009's The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

The movie, "Destination Wedding", shot at various locations around San Luis Obispo County last August stars Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.

The pair play two single wedding guests relegated to that one table at the reception where you put your insane cousin and your ex-boyfriend you inexplicably still talk to.

"I believe that there's nobody for anyone", Frank replies cynically. And in a romantic-comedy at that!

Director Victor Levin recently told People that the pair have "superb natural chemistry", which this trailer makes abundantly clear. This screencap showing the two drinking wine, which (I'm not sorry) not only evokes the Keanu-with-wine-glass meme but also Johnny Depp's "Wino Forever" tattoo (that commemorates his ill-fated 1990s romance with Ryder). "Keanu and Winona are stars for a reason: they have huge talent and skill, and they work very hard".

Destination Wedding is like a middle finger to those who thought Reeves and Ryder's careers, and the rom-com, were dead. They rehearsed their dialogue together, helped each other, made everybody laugh - they were delightful. Regatta has released the first official trailer for an upcoming comedy titled Destination Wedding, about two depressed wedding guests who fall for each other while attending a destination wedding in San Luis Obispo, California.

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