Okami HD Heads to the Nintendo Switch on August 9th

Nintendo's E3 2018 schedule Nintendo

Nintendo's E3 2018 schedule Nintendo

The new Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo Switch will be playable at E3 on the show floor, which is open to the public. Attendees should make sure to add [email protected] to their safe sender lists so the email doesn't get lost in their junk folders. Whether you've played the game before, are somewhat familiar with Japanese myths, or diving in head-first, the breathtaking artistic expression is guaranteed to satisfy.

Tickets will be in the form of QR Code patterns that can be stored on a smartphone or printed out. "No on-site registration will be available", the company said, so you will absolutely want to do this. You can work out the ticketing details from there once you're signed up, but it's imperative to do so if you want a look at the new Smash for Nintendo Switch at all. This is the only game that you'll be able to put registrations in for, as well.

For more details about ticketing, visit the official Nintendo of America E3 2018 website for continuing updates. No other game at the booth will be subject to this system. As of right now we know surprisingly little, other than the fact Inklings will join the roster and Link will adopt his Breath of the Wild attire, but we should learn a lot more at the event.

Given the timing of these events, it's fair to assume we'll be seeing a lot of this game at E3, which takes place on June 12th.

Furthermore, with Switch being extremely successful one would assume that Nintendo will finally drop the support for the 3DS, however, Nintendo has noted that it will support 3DS until Switch becomes a one-per-person system. Nintendo will also give out exclusive Nintendo Switch pins to random fans who bring their console with them to the show.

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