Senate Democrats procure vote on Net Neutrality

The Senate Passes Legislation to Save Net Neutrality Roman White

The Senate Passes Legislation to Save Net Neutrality Roman White

However, to be effective not only is a simple majority needed in both houses - the first of which was achieved last night in the Senate - but also the president's signature.

The FCC, led by Trump-nominated Ajit Pai, decided a year ago to end net neutrality rules in a move that voters across the political spectrum largely opposed.

But most Republicans opposed the effort, saying the regulations were potentially too onerous and that Democrats were trying to use the issue for partisan gains in November. Under the guise of limiting federal government control in the working man's life, the FCC repealed the act in December touting the move as a return to "a free internet".

Markey said he expects to see more Republican members of the House come out in favor of net neutrality following the vote. "However, net neutrality regulations are the wrong approach. They are with the special interests, and we are with the people".

The US Senate has voted on Wednesday on whether to reverse a decision by the Trump administration to roll back Obama-era "net neutrality" rules. "Strong consumer protections from deceptive practices, including slowing promised internet speeds, can be implemented without the heavy-handedness of net neutrality".

The 52-47 vote, which saw three Republicans vote against their own side, used the Congressional Review Act - one of the checks and balances specifically created to fix problems caused by government agencies headed up by people who think they cool, but they not. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and John Kennedy of Louisiana, will be sent to the GOP-led House, where it'll likely go nowhere - and President Donald Trump is unlikely to back it. The FCC's net neutrality repeal gave broadband providers extraordinary new powers to block websites, throttle services and play favourites when it comes to online content. Republicans said they were willing to work with Democrats on enshrining the principle of net neutrality in legislation. "This is a huge momentum creator, especially with three Republican votes".

"Today is a monumental day", said Democratic senator Edward Markey during a debate.

Later, Rep. Anna Eshoo, a California Democrat who represents Silicon Valley, said she was happy by the result in the Senate with the legislation.

Some say the decision could be largely symbolic, given that the majority of the American public support net neutrality and politicians are well aware how their stance on the issue might affect them when voters go to the polls for the midterms.

Fox Business and One American News Network, a decidedly pro-Trump outlet known for pushing conspiracy theories, aired full reports of the net neutrality vote. Earlier this month, Senator Shaheen held a Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee field hearing with New Hampshire small business owners about the effects of repealing net neutrality protections on Granite State small businesses.

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