Taylor Swift's Stalker Goes to Jail

Taylor Swift Masked Intruder Slapped With Restraining Order


Mohammed Jaffar, who broke into her New York City apartment past year, was sentenced yesterday to six months in prison after pleading guilty to a single count of second degree burglary. News. Besides jail time, Jaffer has been given five years on probation where he has to continue mental health treatment in MI.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward handed down the sentence Monday to the 30-year-old after he pleaded guilty last week to attempted burglary in the second degree related to the stalking.

The Post reports that Jaffar also called Swift's management company almost 60 times insisting he be connected to the 28-year-old pop star.

The New York District Attorney's office said at the time: "The case was called yesterday in Part 71 and the defendant was found unfit to stand trial, then placed in the custody of the New York State Office of Mental Health". A temporary restraining order was reportedly granted, which will stay in effect until a court hearing in June.

After a scare involving a stalker and an attempted break-in, Taylor Swift isn't taking any chances. Apparently, Sandrock was already on probation in Colorado when he was caught attempting to break into the mansion. He was carrying a rope with him at the time and wearing a mask and gloves.

Julius Sandrock arrested for stalking Taylor Swift. Police found that he had live ammunition, latex gloves, rope and multiple types of masks in his auto. Swift was not at home during the drama, and she is now on the road touring, but she filed for a restraining order on Wednesday, May 16, according to The Blast, in an effort to make sure Sandrock stays away from her homes and from her at concerts.

Taylor was not at the property at the time of the alleged incident, and Sandrock, 38, was released from police custody two days after his arrest.

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