Woman throws poop at coffee shop employee who denied her restroom access

Woman Caught On Video Throwing Feces At Staff Inside Langley, BC Tim Hortons

Woman detained after feces flinging incident at Langley Tim Hortons

Think you're having a bad day at work?

The Tim Hortons corporation said it is "deeply concerned" about a graphic video circulating online that appears to show a woman argue with staff at a Langley restaurant, before defecating in front of the cashier's counter and throwing it at staff. She then throws the excrement at the employee and grabs a handful of napkins to wipe herself.

The hilarious moment was captured at Tim Hortons CCTV camera and the video goes viral.

Police said nobody was injured in the incident, and a report was provided to Crown counsel, who will decide whether any charges will be filed. While in the act, the guest at the restaurant could hear her but the barrier behind the woman prevented them from witnessing the manic revolt.

A spokesperson for Tim Hortons told CTV News it appears an employee refused to let the woman into the restaurant's locked restroom based on the customer's "past behavior". In fact, she became so enraged she chose to poo on the floor in the middle of the coffee shop, bending down afterwards to grab her own faeces and throw it at a staff member. There are many regular incidents when individuals are not allowed to access the public restaurant's loo if they haven't bought anything.

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