YouTube is crediting music creators in more than 500 million videos


YouTube is crediting music creators in more than 500 million videos

YouTube is now live with their newest feature which credits songwriters, labels and publishers on premium music videos as well as fan-uploaded content.

"For over half a billion videos that contain music, when you click "Show More", you'll see more detail about the artists and songwriters, and the labels and publishers who represent them, including a link to the Official Artist Channel and official music video when available", explains the a new post on the YouTube for Artists blog. Spotify added a similar feature to their platform earlier this year, which eventually led to the creation of "Music in this Video' for YouTube".

YouTube have added musical credits for over 500 million videos giving artists and writers their deserved acknowledgement in the millions of videos they are used.

YouTube is getting a new section that will provide extra information and credit for songs.

It's a good addition to the YouTube platform, especially considering it will help provide proper credit to artists and songwriters involved in songs.

Since launch, YouTube has had a frosty relationship with the music industry, which regularly calls out the streamer's "value gap", shorthand for those paltry royalties it distributes to music makers. It's how the platform finds and blocks copyrighted material uploaded without permission. Partnerships between online platforms and record labels and publishers are working to fill in the gaps in information. It is accessible by expanding the video description and scrolling to the last section.

Björn Ulvaeus, songwriter, said: "The songwriter is every bit as important as the artist and deserves recognition".

Grammy-winning USA record producer, songwriter and rapper, Rodney Jerkins said: "In today's digital world, achieving accurate and comprehensive song credits is more attainable than ever".

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