Deadpool 2 has the best post-credit scene of all

Deadpool vs. Stephen Colbert

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Deadpool 2 is about to hit theatres, and while reviews overall are fairly positive, the makers behind this superhero movie are highly satisfied with their promotions and spreading it across the Marvel fans. Reynolds is superb as the merc-with-a-mouth, new franchise addition Domino (Zazie Beetz) is impressively equal parts sass, cynicism and kick-ass, and Brolin, in the thankless role as the movie's straight man, makes Cable a sympathetic and believable character, who is more than capable of holding his own comedically. Credit Morena Baccarin, who has been wonderful on "Gotham", with using her role as the love of Deadpool's life to give the film a brief moment of sincerity. Drew Pearce is writing and directing that upcoming film with Brolin and Reynolds set to reprise their roles.

But even in its weaker moments, the humour saves the day and that makes Deadpool 2 much more than a one-time watch (repeat watch needed just to catch all those Easter Eggs). "He's obviously overplaying it with Cable and it's a lot of fun".

Deadpool bemoans the script and budget for not including any other famous X-Men from previous films, but some new characters are introduced. It's essentially Family Guy syndrome - constantly referencing something doesn't necessarily make it amusing, a notion the film unfortunately never grasps.

Leitch gave an update the development of the "X-Force" movie with screenwriter-producer Drew Goddard.

That's what Deadpool 2 essentially is, in terms of story.

Pitt nearly played an even larger role in the sequel: Cable, the time-traveling robot assassin. Save for the first action sequence and Domino - Deadpool's fight with Cable, the rest of the action choreography just passes muster. The goal, protect the young mutant before things get infinitely worse.

Starting today, S.T.R.I.K.E. agents can work to unlock and battle against the immortal antihero in brand-new Deadpool 2-themed Raids and Blitzes. A sequel was confirmed, but Tim Miller, the director of the original, did not continue, and was replaced with David Lietch (Atomic Blonde). In the summer of big blockbuster entertainers, this Ryan Reynolds film keeps the ball rolling. The film was entertaining enough where I was able to forgive some the problems I had with the film's pacing.

Deadpool 2, then, feels more like a circling of wagons than it does a middle finger to the expectations of anyone buying a ticket to a superhero film. The film is so chock-full of shocks, surprises, and laughs I found myself screaming at the screen. Wade decides to help and protect the kid, but knowing he can not take this up alone, he forms the X-Force to assist him. Well, believe them! The movie also doesn't shy away from the gore, justifying the R-rating to fullest.

Also, the film has one of the funniest post credits scenes in superhero movies, so be sure to stick around untill the very end. It was the highlight of my experience with the film and very cleverly placed.

Nothing can really change the fact that it's just a superhero movie. You'll likely miss 20 percent of the dialogue whilst laughing.

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