Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Finale Spoilers Roundup

Camilla Luddington Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Finale Spoilers Roundup

Additional Grey's Anatomy spoilers share that Bailey will be taking another look at some of the decisions she's made about her life as she looks back at all of the stress she's endured this past year.

ABC's Grey's Anatomy found a unique way to incorporate Sara Ramirez into Jessica Capshaw's final episode.

Wedding bells are scheduled to ring for Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) in the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy".

As April was busy acting as a wedding planner for Jo and Alex's wedding, April reveals the reason that takes her away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. While in the hospital, Teddy unexpectedly arrived and asked if there were any jobs open.

As diehard Grey's viewers recall, Ramirez portrayed Callie - Arizona's (Capshaw) ex-wife who moved to NY with then-girlfriend Penny - when the actress exited the Shondaland drama back in season 12.

Rose McGowan, whose fight for respect in Hollywood and beyond was chronicled in a January documentary, is back in "Citizen Rose", a three-part update that centers on the emotional toll she's taken in revisiting her painful past. Owen himself seems confused as to why they weren't together when queried about it by their foster daughter Betty (Peyton Kennedy). The bride and groom got locked in a shed with a dead body, most of the guests showed up at the wrong location, and the wedding planner almost died from an allergic reaction.

Camilla Luddington Grey's Anatomy
Camilla Luddington Grey's Anatomy

The wedding catastrophes don't stop there. The group jumps into doctor mode and eventually saves her. A reveal that reportedly happened "weeks" before the wedding.

Let's first talk about Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who struggled throughout the finale with abandonment issues.

Also, Bailey had taken the mother of the bride's misfortune as a sign and chose to take the trailblazer check she received - which by her reaction seemed to be a substantial amount - and go on sabbatical.

Mer starts freaking out because Alex keeps referring to her was 'was.' In the OR, the doctors, pray and they keep trying to find a heartbeat for April. If so, how will this affect Owen and Amelia's potential reconciliation?

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