IDF: Rocket sirens in Golan were false alarm

Golan 1000 Syrian home made MLRS 500mm multiple rocket launcher system 925 001

IDF: Rocket sirens in Golan were false alarm

On May 10, Israel said Iranian forces in Syria fired rockets at it, but they were intercepted by its Iron Dome defence system.

While the military was checking the cause of the missile defense system, there were rumors that Israeli airspace from Syrian territory infiltrated unmanned aerial device, which was shot down by "Iron dome". Reports that the interceptor had hit an aircraft, however, were mistaken.

Israel will export the Iron Dome rocket interception system for the first time as Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. announced Thursday to sell the system to Romania, local media reported. "The circumstances are being looked into", the military said in a statement.

The sirens were reported in settlements across the occupied Golan Heights, including Katzrin, the region's largest settlement.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese group, said the attack marked a "new phase" in the war in Syria.

The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement also condemned the Israeli aggression against Syria as a proof of the regime's terrorist activities.

In response to the attack, the IDF launched a series of strikes on targets in Syria.

Israel has been providing weapons to anti-Damascus militants as well as medical treatment to the Takfiri elements wounded in Syria.

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