No stay on Yeddyurappa swearing-in after midnight battle in Supreme Court

Karnataka elections 2018

Karnataka elections 2018IBT

The Congress won 78 seats, BJP won 104, JD (S) 38 and others 2. Kumaraswamy has been chosen as Assembly leader. "My advice to the Congress is that barring few states where there are no regional parties, give a major share to the regional parties and take a major share for Parliament elections". Even if the support of the two independent MLAs are discounted, it is clear that the post-poll alliance has crossed the halfway mark.

"I appealed to the people to vote for my party to save the State, but people did not understand the message" he added.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court refused to stay the swearing-in after a rare post-midnight courtroom battle unfolded dramatically over the Congress-JD (S) combine's legal push to stall government formation.

H D Kumaraswamy, who has emerged the dark horse in the three-horse race with just 37 MLAs, was formally elected the leader of the JD (S) legislature party, and claimed attempts were being made by the BJP to "bribe" its way to power through "horsetrading".

At the same time, Congress and JD (S) MLAs have been protesting at the Gandhi Statue at the Vidhan Soudha premises.

Singhvi has raised the issue of Goa and how Congress was deprived to form the government in Goa despite being single largest party.

As Yeddyurppa faced an uncertain future and the BJP looked for a leader with a formidable reputation to lend its campaign the required heft ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, the two cosied up to each other.

However, the move delivered a severe blow to the BJP's reputation as a "party with a difference".

From the humdrum existence as a government clerk and a hardware store owner to becoming the chief minister of Karnataka for a third time, BS Yeddyurappa has navigated the choppy waters of politics with the consummate ease of a seasoned oarsman, defying tidal waves of adversity.

Top sources from the BJP said: "We will prove a majority as some Lingayat MLAs from the Congress and some Vokkaliga caste MLAs from the JD (S) are in touch with us". Indian television channels reported that Congress was planning to approach the Supreme Court late in the night to challenge the governor's decision. Yeddyurappa has 15 days to prove his majority in the Assembly.

In 1996 parliamentary elections, BJP with 161 seats, made phenomenal gains.

While Siddaramaiah managed to complete a full five-year term in power-the first time a chief minister has managed to do so since 2004-the party could not overcome anti-incumbency against the government. Indeed we were all invited to applaud as Bharatiya Janata Party mangers used every trick in their armoury, including money power and the presence of "their" governors, to wrest control of Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Goa.

It is important to analyse if what the Karnataka governor has done is rational and fair and not arbitrary and malafide. Even the most pious community of Lingaysts was divided by the Congress led Government. As per a rule, the Governor does not have to invite the single largest party to come forward to form the government. But the harm to India's constitutional and ethical political framework has already been done.

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