Teams hope to find luck in National Basketball Association draft lottery



Even if it isn't Young or any other aforementioned player the Magic decide to take, it's an important selection after not earning a the top pick following Tuesday's lottery.

Finley's immediate and blunt response?

"It's great for our franchise", said McDonough, whose club went 21-61 this season and missed the playoffs for an eighth consecutive year. "But I stayed professional".

They also will have their own pick, which had a 96 percent chance of being 13th.

Still, despite not going back to North Texas with the mega prize they came here for, Finley saw the glass as half-full and the Mavs' potential of drafting a superior player with dynamic skills as something that's still in the cards.

We can speculate on a possible destination for Deandre Ayton when the NBA Draft takes place next month. Historically, teams in the lottery have often endured a dismal season and look to a high draft pick as the turning point for their fortunes. He's exactly who the Mavs look for in a player. We want more opportunities to be open and we want to give kids more opportunities so they don't have to go outside of the country to help be what they want to be.

"We've been under pressure to retain the title since we won it last season on home court in Istanbul so it's going to be a familiar feeling once the tournament starts".

Assistant general manager Keith Grant and assistant equipment manager Neil Herskowitz represented the Mavs in the banquet room Tuesday night.

As the tweet below shows, the Mavs have precedent when it comes to being disappointed in the lottery.

"We're good", he said. The same goes for the Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies and other teams in the upper-tier of the draft.

Herskowitz agreed with Grant, and added a twist.

It's a monumental risk, as the unwanted team can coax the desired destination into paying whatever it takes to get the Slovenian star, a la the Denver Nuggets-New York Knicks trade for Carmelo Anthony. "That's what we'll do". The GM says NY is 'in talent acquisition mode.' "We've got to get the highest level of talent that we can get on our roster and we'll figure out all of the positions once they get in there", he said on Alan Hahn's "Hahn Solo" radio show on ESPN 98.7 FM.

"Throw out the numbers, read out the names and you move on".

"I wouldn't say 'disappointment, ' " Weltman said afterward.

"But I really enjoyed it tonight". The Suns' rebuild isn't over after the draft, but it'll certainly be bolstered come June 21.

Just not as overly exciting as the Mavs would have preferred.

Last year's first-round pick, Josh Jackson, had a tremendous rookie season. "Unfortunately we didn't get that, but we still got a top five pick and we have a chance to get a pretty good player". The outlook on the franchise as he nears his end is mixed with a bevy of elder statesmen, a player amidst his rising prime in Harrison Barnes and a young building block for the future in Point Guard Dennis Smith Jr.

"It's just disappointing, but it's the rules", Grant said, referring to the lottery. Drummond, only 24 now, is still developing, but has led the league in rebounding twice and was chosen for two All-Star teams.

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