The Division 2 Confirmed to Launch Before April 2019


The Division 2 Confirmed to Launch Before April 2019

Ubisoft posted a record profitability over its last fiscal year as sales growth exceeded its targets, France's biggest video game maker said on Thursday. While no exact window was given, the first game in the series launched in March 2016, so a March 2019 launch makes sense given how well the first game performed in that slot.

Annual digital revenue was up 37.8% to €1,004.7 million (representing 58.0% of total sales versus 50.0% for the previous fiscal year) for the publisher. Skull & Bones is now scheduled for release in 2019-20.

Meanwhile, the company's back catalog continued to maintain a strong presence in Ubisoft's year-end numbers.

The Division

On the earnings call, though, Ubisoft revealed the yet-to-be-unveiled The Division 2will also launch before the end of the current fiscal year.

According to the financial report that Ubisoft released, one of their upcoming titles, The Division 2 will come out sometime in the next fiscal year which is until next April. The pirate naval game was previously slated to launch in fall 2018. Farren added that he and Ubisoft Singapore are excited to showcase more of the game during E3 2018 while showing off the progress of the past year. Now, at least we have a small but significant idea thanks to this report. "Consequently, we are investing in our online services platform - which boasted 88 million unique active players - as well as in artificial intelligence in order to better tailor the game experience to each player's profile and therefore offer them ever-richer experiences".

Over the longer term, new forms of gaming, enabled notably by streaming, will allow our brands to reach a much wider audience.

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