Trump Settles The Yanny/Laurel Debate

Trump Settles The Yanny/Laurel Debate

Trump Settles The Yanny/Laurel Debate

The debate is this: a distorted audio bite plays and those listening in either hear "Yanny" or "Laurel".

The White House on Thursday poked fun at President TrumpDonald John TrumpGiuliani says Federal Bureau of Investigation may have placed spy in Trump campaign Giuliani: There is "nothing illegal about looking for dirt on political opponents" Giuliani: If Mueller subpoenas us, we will challenge it MORE's infamous "covfefe" tweet in a video weighing in on a viral internet debate.

"So clearly Laurel", says Ivanka Trump.

But the White House killed the meme for good when it released a video of staffers dividing into Team Yanny and Team Laurel.

Of course, the scientific explanation won't kill the internet chatter, so if you're hearing Laurel vs. Yanny, it's doesn't necessarily mean that you're wrong (and vice versa) - even if the internet says otherwise.

If not a short audio clip has been trending online that asks people what word they hear, Yanny or Laurel.

Vice President Mike Pence answers with a confused, "Who's Yanny?".

But, if you hear Yanny, that's all the higher notes.

But the final decision falls to President Donald Trump, and he put the controversy to bed once and for all. Higher frequency sounds in the recording make people hear "Yanny", whereas lower frequencies cause others to hear "Laurel".

Mr Trump alluded to his viral tweet past year that ended in the world "covfefe", before it was deleted.

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