'War crimes': Palestine calls on ICC to investigate Israeli 'human rights violations'

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al Maliki

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al Maliki

The ICC had already launched a preliminary examination into allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Israel and the Palestinian territories in 2015.

"Through this referral, we want the Office of the Prosecutor to open, without delay, an investigation into all crimes that she presently concludes have been commissioned or are ongoing", said Malki.

Last week, Bensouda vowed to "take any action warranted" when dealing with the violence along the Israel-Gaza border.

The display of animous towards the delegation came exactly one week after the Trump administration officially moved the USA embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem-a move seen as a direct assault on the so-called "peace process" and the demand that East Jerusalem ultimately become the future capital of an independent Palestinian state.

"The Palestinian move is not legally valid.the court has no jurisdiction over the Israeli-Palestinian issue since Israel is not a member state of the court and the Palestinian Authority is not a state", the MFA statement wrote.

The Palestinian Authority has used worldwide law to fight the occupation.

Foreign Minister Riad Malki submitted a so-called "referral", which he said detailed evidence of crimes committed on occupied Palestinian territory. The ICC has recognized "Palestine" as a member state.

Peace negotiations have been frozen for years while Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has rejected Washington's traditional role as a mediator after Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

The new request comes with Israeli-Palestinian relations at their lowest point in years in the aftermath of the USA embassy move to Jerusalem and the recent bloodshed on the Gaza border.

The step, known as a state party referral, seeks an investigation into Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, as well as Israeli military activity in the Gaza Strip, including the recent killing of dozens of Palestinians during mass protests along the border.

Israel also said the ICC had no jurisdiction in the case because Israel is not a member of the court.

"Palestinians have raised their voices in peaceful demand of their basic human rights and an end to the closure and blockade of Gaza that maintains their dire living conditions; Israel responded by deploying snipers to fire onto unarmed protesters", said Younis. Thousands of soldiers are deployed to protect colonies that have water flows seven times higher than Palestinians and have at ir service main roads.

The latter has also routinely been threatened by the U.S. and Israel not to make any moves in the ICC.

Hamas spokesman Abdullatif al-Qanoua said in a brief press statement that its refusal emphasizes its brutality and persistence in terrorizing and killing the Palestinian people as well as flouting United Nations and worldwide institutions and disregarding their decisions.

But rights groups urged the prosecutor to push forward with opening what would be a complicated full-blown investigation.

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