Battlefield V Ditches the Premium Pass, Launches in October

Battlefield V Ditches the Premium Pass, Launches in October

Battlefield V Ditches the Premium Pass, Launches in October

Enter mankind's greatest conflict with Battlefield™ V as the series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Whether dragging a squad mate to safety or shooting a grenade out of the sky, players will forge a deeper connection to the ever-evolving world around them and achieve victory against the toughest odds. For starters, Battlefield 5 now has a release date, and we know that there will no longer be a "premium pass" for future multiplayer content. However, like Battlefield 1, DICE is aiming for another "reimagining" of events. "The scale of each battle and level of immersion is unlike anything we've done before in Battlefield and players are in for an epic journey".

While "Battlefield V" launches worldwide on October 19 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC via Origin for PC and Xbox One, there are several ways to get access to the game early.

In new and classic multiplayer modes, players can lead their own unique Company to victory in a dynamic multiplayer experience where every battle is unique. Dice also stated that the game is not pay-to-win.

The Battlefield V single-player campaign follows the same format of Battlefield 1. There will be a mode called "Combined Arms", which will put up to four players up against waves of bots in a "wide variety of missions". More information about Grand Operations will be shared at E3 next month.

The pass has been replaced with a live service called Tides of War. With help from The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, developer DICE made the big reveal that Battlefield will be moving on from World War I and transitioning to the fronts of WWII.

According to GameStop, pre-ordering "Battlefield V" or "Battlefield V Deluxe Edition" grants the buyer the "Elister Offer", which gives you early access to the "Battlefield V" Open Beta.

With Battlefield V, we wanted to align with a partner who shares our passion for PC gaming.

EA will showcase its multiplayer for the first time at EA Play on June 9.

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