CA gas prices are highest in nation ahead of Memorial Day

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According to AAA, almost 40 million Americans will be taking to the roads, the railways, and to flights this weekend, but those who travel by vehicle might be inconvenienced a little bit more.

According to CNN Money average gas prices have jumped by 31 percent over the past year in the U.S. The average for this weekend, where 41.5 million Americans are reportedly hitting the road for a vacation, will be at $2.97 per gallon. Milani says the good news is that auto rentals are the cheapest they've been in about four years. That dropped the next year to $2.74 a gallon and fell to $2.32 a gallon in 2016. The average price of gas in the state is $2.73, a 52 cent increase from the $2.21 Memorial Day price in 2017. You can thank higher oil prices for that spike, but fuel costs aren't the only issue facing vacationers looking to head out of town.

The current average price in the Chicago metro area is $3.29, compared with $3.14 a week ago and $2.63 at this time past year, according to AAA. "Consumer confidence combined with a strong labor market and projected GDP growth are the primary reasons that holiday travel is expected to increase", said AAA spokesman Jeffrey Spring.

"There are many factors that go into the price of gasoline", Jana Tidwell with AAA told Action News, "the number one factor being the price of crude oil, which we have seen at record highs for the year". The market figures new sanctions against Iran will limit its oil output.

Gas prices in North Carolina are at their highest level since November of 2014.

When it comes to fuel efficiency and running air conditioning, Milani says newer cars are built for comfort and to be fuel efficient, so it's best to do your usual summertime driving habits.

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, filling up the gas tank has gone from a headache to a migraine.

But even as the prices are surging, there are ways to save at the pump.

Cathy Tyson of Greenville said on Wednesday afternoon that she is afraid that gas prices are going to get much worse than they are now.

"The Saudis are quite enjoying $80 prices", said Michael Tran, global energy strategist at RBC Capital Markets.

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