Allergan recalls birth control pills over packaging error

Improperly packaged Taytulla

Allergan recalls birth control pills over packaging error

A recall is being issued for a form of birth control that could result in contraceptive failure.

New Jersey-based Allergan has recalled birth control pills after learning of a packaging mistake that increases the chances of an unintended pregnancy.

The drugmaker on Tuesday said the physician sample packs of Taytulla were meant to have 24 active pink pills, followed by four inactive maroon capsules, taken daily for 28 days.

In the affected packs, the first four pills in the pack-rather than the last four-were inactive, potentially putting women at risk of pregnancy. For birth control to work to its full extent, it needs to be taken every day at the same time and as directed. According to a press release, the packaging error meant that the first four days in the pack contained the maroon placebo capsules. The physician sample pack should contain 24 pink capsules with hormones followed by four maroon capsules without hormones.

The recall involves lot 5620706, which expires in May 2019.

The manufacturer is concerned that users of their contraceptive may not notice the reversed order, thereby increasing the possibility of an unintended pregnancy.

The recall targets sample packs of Taytulla that were distributed to doctors' offices and then given to patients. Patients who received a sample pack should notify their physician to arrange for a return. Anyone with questions about the recall can call Allergan at 1-800-678-1605, Monday through Friday, from 8 8 p.m., Eastern time.

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