Doug Ford won't say if he will march in annual Pride parade

Doug Ford won't say if he will march in annual Pride parade

Doug Ford won't say if he will march in annual Pride parade

Kathleen Wynne has come to the realization that the Liberals will not win the June 7th Provincial election.

Ford, meantime, refused to be pinned down on whether he would attend Toronto's annual Pride parade if he's elected premier on June 7. "The reason is the strenght of the government's response and the kinds of things that Premier Wynne has done".

"I think it's very honourable that [Wynne] chose to make that decision [to concede]", she said.

The latest polls show Ford tracking toward a majority government, although the Ontario NDP under Andrea Horwath have a slightly larger share of the popular vote and momentum.

Wynne, who first entered politics as a school trustee in 2000, said at the beginning of the campaign that she believed her party could turn the tide.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was at the Pride flag raising ceremony in Toronto on Friday.

Wynne's push for more Liberal votes won't mean a minority government, Horwath added, but instead help Ford capture a majority.

"Ontario nurses feel we can no longer stay silent about the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party's lack of a full health care platform and your proposal to find "efficiencies" in government spending".

"That's going to sort itself out - people are going to make that decision ... it's going to be one or the other and let's make sure there are enough Liberals there that there isn't a blank cheque - that there's a check on a majority government".

Observers have suggested that Wynne is less popular than her party, so her admission that she won't be premier will allow more Liberals to feel comfortable voting for the Liberal candidates that they do like, and that could allow them to elect more MPPs on Thursday.

Horwath says she gets a sense from her team "on the ground" that people want change, and after Thursday's election the government will look different than it has in the past two decades.

On Friday, Wynne stuck to her defensive pitch - that she would still make the best leader - saying people need to be "very careful" in deciding who would be best at building the province.

Liberals say that now their focus is on trying to maintain official party status in the legislature, which requires at least eight seats.

Marie-France Lalonde, the party's candidate in Ottawa-Orleans and a former minister in Wynne's government, said the announcement won't dissuade her from door knocking.

Before the 1980s, many political scientists believed people's associations with political parties were formed nearly at birth - inherited from parents and reinforced by stable communities in which they lived.

It was just one day after the writ dropped that Kathleen Wynne made a campaign stop in Barrie.

"People worry about what will happen to our economy if the NDP form a majority government with nothing to hold them back".

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