NASA’s Major Announcement on Mars Rover Curiosity Discovery Will Be Revealed Tomorrow!

The space agency says it involves "new science results" but you'll have to wait until 1 p.m.

Nasa is preparing to make an announcement relating to its exploration of Mars. "The results are embargoed by the journal Science until then", NASA wrote in the statement.

The Article from NASA CubeSats Steer Towards Mars.

The Curiosity Rover, which has been roaming the Martian surface for almost six years, beamed back the data that led to the finding.

That being said, NASA will also webcast Thursday's Curiosity Mars rover press conference on the official NASA TV channel, along with Facebook Live, Twitch TV, YouTube, Ustream and Twitter/Periscope.

At the same time, British journalist and media commentator Nick Pope voiced his opinion on the new MSL discovery on Twitter.

Mars rover is trending after one year: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (Nasa)'s Curiosity rover is up to some folks.

"This was no small feat". This is "feed extended sample transfer", where CHIMRA is bypassed and the drill is suspended over the inlet to the laboratory to allow the sample to trickle down for later delivery to the analysis section.

Curiosity drilled its last scheduled rock sample in October 2016.

Delivery to its chemistry lab will follow at the week ahead and go farther with the testing of the drilling methods alongside the sample delivery will continue to be improved and mastered by Curiosity's engineers that will enable them to research their results from the Red Planet.

Ashwin Vasavada who is the mission's project scientist of JPL believes this is a substantial milestone for the assignment.

"The science team was confident that the engineers would deliver - so confident that we drove back to a site that we missed drilling before". The risk paid off, and now we have a key pattern that we may have never received. It's quite remarkable to have a moment like this, five years into the mission. Engineers at NASA spent more than a year developing a workaround drilling technique called Feed Extended Drilling, or FED, which uses the rover's robotic arm to direct and push the drill into the ground as the drill bit spins. "It means we can resume studying Mount Sharp, which Curiosity is climbing, with our full range of scientific tools".

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