Padres fan catches ball with beer, then becomes a legend

Credit AP

Credit AP

When the San Diego Padres played the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday, the game was far from exciting to some people. Her enthusiasm resonated with baseball fans far and wide, and the Pardes' footage of DiMarco has garnered more than 1 million views as of Wednesday morning.

"It bounced from behind me, I was trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup", DiMarco told

A true champion to the end, DiMarco celebrated by chugging her brewski ― without removing the ball.

Yeah, yeah, major-league ballplayers are brilliant and fearless and athletic and all, but could they catch a foul ball in a beer cup while holding a phone?

Someone give DiMarco the key to the city, because she's clearly San Diego's newest hero. "I still have the ball in my cup, and I'm never going to lose it".

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