Rwandans march against plastic pollution

World Environment Day 2018 India is the global host this year and the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2018 India is the global host this year and the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution

Several environmental related programs were organized to mark the occasion. Make this planet greener, plant trees and ban plastic.

Ogundipe said: "Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental concerns facing us today and this has constituted a global problem".

Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar urged people to vow not to use low-grade plastic.

- June 5 is World Environment Day, a day that represents the single largest celebration of our environment.

Commenting on the initiatives, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, Director - Sales & Marketing, HMIL said, "Being a socially responsible caring brand, Hyundai believes in raising awareness about environment conservation, towards building a sustainable future for conducive growth".

Millions of people from over 100 countries including Brunei Darussalam have taken part over the years, helping drive change in consumption habits as well as in national and global environmental policy.

Ministry of Environment participated on Tuesday in the 2018 World Environment Day under the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution", which focuses on how plastic, one of the most unsafe pollutants, affects our ecosystems and environment.

The University of Lagos has appealed to Lagos residents to reduce the use of plastic to protect the environment from further degradation. The United Nations Environmental Chief writes, "We urgently need consumers, business, and governments to cut consumption of single-use, throwaway plastics". The scale of the problem can perhaps best be seen in the number of plastic bottles we use: globally, almost a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute.

Coming to B-town, Alia Bhatt is one step closer towards purging plastic from her life. The new rules gave emphasis on a complete ban on plastics below 50 microns, phasing out use of multi-layered packaging and introducing extended producer responsibility (EPR) for producers, importers and brand owners to ensure environmentally sound management of plastic products until the end of their live s. "Fifteen thousand tonnes of plastic waste is generated every day, 9,000 tonnes is collected and recycled, but 6,000 tonnes of plastic waste is not collected and remain littered", Javadekar said.

The day, according to a statement from the Ministry of Environment, will feature the launch of an awareness campaign on sorting plastic waste and collecting plastic bottles by installing collection bins in various locations.

With the United States working on its way to quit the historic Paris Climate Agreement, Solheim says it's just the right time for India and China - among the world's top polluters - to lead the world in the war against climate change and pollution.

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