Steam Becomes Wal-Mart, Leaks Just Cause 4 Ahead of E3

Just Cause 4 accidentally shows up on Steam storefront

Just Cause 4 announcement leaked via Steam

It was expected to be announced at E3, with speculation that Avalanche New York would be developing the game.

Yep, it already leaked on Walmart Canada several weeks ago, but Steam has brought us the confirmation of Just Cause 4 with a piece of key art. The ad features a picture of Just Cause protagonist Rico Rogriguez underneath a stormy sky, requesting that users "Pre-Purchase Now".

A couple of eagle-eyed users over on ResetEra were able to capture an image of the Steam storefront that included a pre-order page for Avalanche Studios upcoming open-world sequel. Someone definitely pressed a button too early.

Avalanche Studios can't catch a break, can it? Now all of the limelight is going to be eaten up by Just Cause 4, which was probably awaiting a more official announcement during Square Enix's E3 conference on Monday. The game will even feature four-player co-op, but can also be approached as a single-player experience.

The second announcement was all business as Nordisk film, a Denmark-based entertainment subsidiary, announced it had acquired Avalanche Studios.

While Just Cause 4 could potentially launch this year, Generation Zero has been confirmed for release in 2019.

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