‘Today’ Hits Motherlode As Bill Clinton Keeps Getting Asked About Botched Interview

Albin Lohr-Jones  Sipa USA

Albin Lohr-Jones Sipa USA

Former President Bill Clinton says his response earlier this week to questions about Monica Lewinsky "wasn't [his] finest hour". But he did place some of the blame on NBC, saying the network "distilled" the interview. "But when I met [Broaddrick] the first time, I realized she was a very genuine person and had no reason to lie about that", Flowers said on The Ingraham Angle.

"It was very painful thing that happened 20 years ago", he said.

When asked if he has ever spoken to or apologised to Ms Lewinsky following the cheating scandal that took place between 1995 and 1997, Mr Clinton said: 'No.

Clinton's comments to talk show host Stephen Colbert were a marked departure from his interview with NBC on Monday, where he defended himself from recent criticism of his 1995 affair with Lewinsky in light of the national conversation about sexual harassment and workplace conduct by powerful men. Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie also discussed the incident with Melvin on air, mentioning Clinton's "false allegations" about the interview.

"I remember when the Lewinsky scandal occurred, because we were working here", Behar said.

Clinton was sharply criticized for the comments which stunned his allies and appeared to out of step with current support for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, which have sought to expose sexual misconduct in media, entertainment and politics. "I mean it then; I mean it now".

One thing getting somewhat lost in the discussion is the idea that Clinton's, or any politician's, policies or good public works should somehow excuse or mitigate his bad private behavior. "But I didn't like this one because it started with an assertion that basically I had never apologized, as if I had never tried to come to grips with it, and as if there had been no attempt to hold me accountable - which anybody who lived through that and knew the facts knew wasn't so". While Whoopi Goldberg said she thought he was frustrated because he was there to promote a book, Haines countered, "In this specific time of #MeToo, he should never leave the house without knowing that question's going to come up". And is there hypocrisy when people on the left give Clinton a pass for Monica Lewinsky but are "upset" that President Trump allegedly was with Stormy Daniels and vice verse? Clinton had an affair with then-White House intern Lewinsky while he was in office. Clinton said he had publicly apologized to everyone for his behavior.

Clinton says he has not spoken to her and does not owe her an apology. Senior Democrats have expressed hesitation in inviting Clinton to campaign with them in the #MeToo era with one telling CNN they don't "know of anyone who is planning on bringing him in". It's OK to change your mind when new evidence emerges, and #MeToo has provided us all numerous reasons to rethink gender equality, and not just when it involves questions of sexual assault.

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