Trump Floats Pardon of Muhammad Ali, Who Doesn’t Need One

Trump floated the possibility of a pardon while speaking to reporters at the White House before departing for the Group of 7 summit.

President Trump said Friday that he's thinking about pardoning deceased boxing legend and civil rights activist Muhammad Ali.

But the following year, Ali had the conviction quashed after a successful appeal to the US Supreme Court, and President Jimmy Carter granted a blanket pardon to all draft evaders in 1977, so it is not clear what Mr Trump meant. "There is no conviction for which a pardon is needed". I thought Alice yesterday was handsome.

Since taking office, Trump has pardoned or issued commutations for Johnson; conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza; boxing champion Jack Johnson; former Bush administration official Scooter Libby; former Navy sailor Kristian Saucier; meat-packing executive Sholom Rubashkin; and former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Those under consideration include "folks that have sentences that aren't very fair", Trump said. His decision resulted in a draft-evasion conviction, and he was stripped of his heavyweight boxing crown.

Johnson's pardon followed a lobbying effort by reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who met with Trump at the White House late last month.

Trump said that he wasn't thinking about pardoning either man, as neither has yet been convicted of a crime.

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