FB questioned on sharing user data with phone makers

Mr Nix faced a worldwide media storm in March after he was secretly filmed appearing to suggest the firm use'beautiful Ukrainian sex workers to seduce politicians

FB questioned on sharing user data with phone makers

Cambridge Analytica filed for bankruptcy a few weeks later.

"The allegation made in that article is false, the facts in that article are not correct", he said.

Mr Nix was forced to correct assertions that he had made to the MPs in a previous appearance.

Facebook said Kogan then violated its policies by passing the data to Cambridge Analytica.

"Of course, the answer to this question should have been 'yes, '" Nix said to a UK House of Commons committee investigation fake news.

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Kogan had told lawmakers he did give Cambridge Analytica the data.

Former Cambridge Analytica boss Alexander Nix has accused Channel 4 News of having "heavily edited" footage of him being interviewed by an undercover journalist, which led to his suspension from the data company.

Cambridge Analytica, which was hired by Donald Trump in 2016, has denied its work on the US president's successful election campaign made use of data allegedly improperly harvested from around 87 million Facebook users. The former head of the defunct political consultant Cambridge Analytica clashed Wednesday with British lawmakers investigating the use of Facebook data in election campaigns, claiming that the firm had become the subject of global derision because of its involvement in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

That's what Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie said in front of a Canadian parliamentary committee, in response to a question from our community about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal.

They also stated that Nix and his companions set up a new company, Emerdata, in order to rebrand their old firm and recover from the data mining scandal. "There was certainly no intention to mislead the committee", he added. Channel 4 says the documentary conveyed all of Mr.

"Most of our time is spent selling toothpaste and automotives", he said.

"It is deeply troubling that this conspiracy theory has spread so widely, and caused such damage to our company", he said.

The Polo-playing product of the renowned public school Eton College reiterated his denial that the firm had worked on the campaigns to secure the British departure from the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

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