Liberals lose official party status after getting only seven seats

Liberals lose official party status after getting only seven seats

Liberals lose official party status after getting only seven seats

"A new day has dawned in Ontario - a day of opportunity, a day of prosperity and a day of growth", he told a crowd chanting his name.

In a research note, BMO Capital Markets senior economist Robert Kavcic said a rough estimate based on campaign promises suggests the province's budget could be in the C$5 billion to C$6 billion range for fiscal 2020-2021, excluding "efficiencies" Ford promised to find without cutting jobs.

The Progressive Conservatives won 76 ridings, while the NDP got 40. "I'm hopeful that Mr. Ford understands that we need revenues in our province to pay for the kinds of things that people expect a government to provide".

The Star even criticized him for speeches that were "borderline biblical".

"My friends, together in 88 short days we achieved the impossible", Ford said.

But the businessman said last Friday that he was not sure if he would attend Pride Toronto on June 24 if he was elected as premier.

"We worked right up to the last minute and we just appreciate everybody's support". Ford has said he would launch an independent inquiry into the previous government's books.

Ford's mother, Diane Ford, described the win as "bittersweet".

Premier-designate Doug Ford has selected a transition team and has already begun briefings on government activities and the decisions necessary to choose his Cabinet. He was a de facto deputy to his late brother, Mayor Rob Ford, who became notorious in 2013 when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine while in office.

Cheers and whoops erupted at Ford campaign headquarters when a TV station declared the PCs the victor with a landslide majority at 9:15 p.m. and the crowd watched a variety of well-known Liberals, including former cabinet ministers Steve Del Duca and Charles Sousa, suffer upsets.

"I know... I know that tonight is not the result we were looking for and no one feels that more sharply than I do. We owe so much to Rob's legacy - a legacy of service to the people, a legacy started by my father Doug Ford Sr. and a legacy that will continue".

NDP leader Andrea Horwath who finished 2nd with 39 seats, told her supporters she is proud they ran a positive campaign.

Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump have exchanged tough words after the U.S. imposed hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico and Europe. "We have won more seats than we have held in a generation".

In Guelph, Mike Schreiner made history becoming the first Green Party candidate to win a seat in an Ontario election. Kathleen Wynne won her seat but resigned as party leader after nearly the entire cabinet lost.

While the result marked a stunning defeat for a party that has governed the province since Dalton McGuinty came to power in 2003, it was not unexpected.

Less than a week ago, Wynne conceded that she knew her party could not win the election. The NDP got just 33%. Wynne, 65, stepped down as party leader.

"I don't really see why the NDP would want to give anything to the Liberals now...memories are long in politics", Malloy said.

Wynne served as premier for five years after winning a leadership contest to replace McGuinty in 2013.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has won her seat in the provincial election.

"As Mayor, I have focused on building strong relationships and partnerships with all levels of government that have led to historic investments".

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