EA announces new Star Wars title set between Episodes III and IV

Respawn Entertainment Reveals Name and Setting of Star Wars Project; Coming Holiday 2019

‘Star Wars’: Jedi Fallen Order' Coming From Respawn in 2019

The game will take place between Episodes 3 and 4 during the fall of the Jedi Order following the events of Order 66. The company had recently be purchased by EA and the mega publisher is set to release the game by the holiday season of 2019. Zampella said that we can expect more at E3 2019. Did Revenge of the Sith only give you a just a small taste? "The Star Wars game's name is Jedi Fallen Order".

The game will be heavily focused on story elements and character development but will also have third-person action mechanics.

The game didn't make any real appearance at Electronic Arts' pre-E3 EA Play showcase, but Respawn boss Vince Zampella shared a few details. Much of the outcry came from Reddit before the game was even out, with most people too busy shouting about how they thought the loot crates worked to actually play the game. While the leadership of Uncharted Director Amy Hennig wasn't enough to save that game, it looks like EA has plenty of faith in this upcoming project from Respawn.

Since this is an area that hasn't been extensively explored in the new Star Wars canon, this has the potential to be a really exciting game.

"It's going to be spectacular", says Zampella, but then he would say that.

Here's where we get to speculate for the next day or so about what Zampella could be talking about. Our friend Alex from Star Wars Explained was there and seems to be having the time of his life in Los Angeles!

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