Facebook's shared user data with select companies

Facebook's shared user data with select companies

Facebook's shared user data with select companies

However, a new report on the Wall Street Journal states that the company continued to allow access to users' friends list and related details.

Facebook's alleged whitelist deals weren't part of the existing partnerships with device makers that the company revealed this week, the sources state.

Through the whitelists, partnering companies received information such as phone numbers of the users' friends and a metric called "friend link", which measured the closeness between the user and the friend, according to the Journal.

SAN FRANCISCO Facebook shared personal information culled from its users' profiles with other companies after the date when executives have said the social network prevented third-party developers from gaining access to the data, the company confirmed today.

Facebook said following the WSJ report it inked deals with a small number of developers that gave them access to users' friends after the more restrictive policy went into effect.

This time the social networking giant has been accused of granting special access to user's data to some selected companies.

We already knew that detailed user data of this type escaped Facebook's clutches beyond 2014, when the platform first began to lock down what apps could do with the data they were getting.

He acknowledged that a subset of companies were given extensions beyond May 2015.

It "isn't clear when all of the deals ultimately expired or how many companies got extensions", the daily said.

Earlier this week, an extensive report in The New York Times said Facebook shared large amounts of data with Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and BlackBerry.

That didn't stop Cambridge University researcher Aleksandr Kogan from stealing data from 87 million users through a personality quiz app and sharing it with Cambridge Analytica.

"But other than that, things were shut down", he told the Wall Street Journal. Facebook gave select "whitelisted" companies extensions before they were also blocked from getting its users' personal information.

Facebook's deals with Huawei drew special scrutiny, as heads of CIA, FBI, NSA and the director of USA national intelligence in February warned Americans from using Huawei devices because they were concerned the company shared data with the Chinese government.

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