Final preparations under way for Trump-Kim summit

In this handout provided by Ministry of Communications and Information of Singapore North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives in Singapore


A White House statement confirmed that Trump and the reclusive North Korean leader will meet at 9 a.m. local time on Tuesday (9 p.m. ET on Monday) in Singapore.

Shortly after arriving, Kim visited with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is scheduled to meet with Trump on Monday.

Trump has had recent discussions with South Korean Moon Jae-in, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping - who all have vested interests in the outcome - about matters he plans to raise.

The standard thinking goes that he needs quick help to stabilize and then rebuild an economy that has suffered amid a decades-long pursuit of nuclear bombs, and that the North Koreans see a unique chance to win concessions, legitimacy and protection from a meeting with a highly unconventional USA president who's willing to consider options past American leaders would not.

For his part, Trump accused the summit host, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, of lying, and threatened to end trade with G-7 nations that he said use unfair practices.

North Korean state media triumphantly announced Kim's trip to Singapore on Sunday, calling it an historic foreign tour and showing pictures of the young leader waving as he left Pyongyang.

The U.S. will keep economic sanctions in place until North Korea eliminates its nuclear weapons capability, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, delivering a stern message to Pyongyang ahead of Tuesday's historic summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Mr. Trump threatened to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea previous year, and a North Korean official warned of a "nuclear-to-nuclear showdown" just a few weeks ago.

The president who once described Kim as "Little Rocket Man" and threatened to destroy his country if it did not give up nukes, has not said what might happen if the summit goes the wrong way.

He has said the talks would be more about starting a relationship with Kim for a negotiating process that would take more than one summit.

The roads are blocked off along the routes Kim and President Trump will travel. Forging a peace treaty involving South Korea may be another topic of the Trump-Kim meeting.

Trump has also raised the possibility of further summits.

Nearly half of the money was spent on security measures, but also included costs such as accommodation for the North Korean delegation at the five-star St. Regis hotel-whose 3,600 square foot presidential suite costs 13,410 Singapore dollars ($10,050) a night, according to the Singapore Business Review-and the media center.

Just meeting with Trump will also give Kim recognition as the leader of a "normal" country and as an equal of the USA leader.

South Korea media outlets reported that Kim will likely stay at the St Regis, where his close aide has been based as he leads a North Korean advance team arranging security and logistics details.

Pyongyang indicated that it may be open to getting rid of its nuclear weapons in exchange for the USA security guarantees and other benefits, though some believe it's an unrealistic prospect as the nuclear arsenal cements Kim's grip on the country and deters all-out attacks against them. "I think things could work out very nicely".

Singapore is one of the few countries that have diplomatic relations with both the U.S. and North Korea.

Plans for the meeting almost foundered after Trump abruptly withdrew in May, citing North Korea's "open hostility" during negotiations.

One top Trump adviser cast the move as a show of strength before the Kim meeting.

The North has presented Kim's sudden diplomatic overtures to the country's neighbours and the U.S. as a logical next step and completion of his plan to develop a credible nuclear deterrent in response to what Pyongyang says is a policy of "nuclear blackmail" by Washington.

What has North Korea said?

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